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The top Northern European Professional Service Organizations use Junu to avoid profit leaks.​

We know your challenges, and have transformed +25 years of experience into an effortless business analytics platform tailored to the different reporting needs within the legal industry.

• Real-time data on their entire business.
• Insight into the activity at all levels.
• Better insight into how they work – internally & externally.

Real-time data on your entire business.
Customized and automated reporting flow with built in alerts.
Predict and react on client and employee churn.
Insight into the activity at all levels, allowing you to allocate resources and optimize the daily operation.

Tailored for consulting companies

We know that every role in an organization has different insight needs. With Junu.io you make sure to get the right data to the right people at the right time to support the right decisions.

Partners & Management

  • Live performance of KPIs vs. budget
  • Recognize problematic customers, matters or employees
  • Resolve issues in a timely manner
  • View your reports across all devices

Finance & Administration

  • Automate & streamline reporting flow
  • Monitor hourly rates, invoiced amounts and outstanding payments
  • Easily provide management with on-demand reporting
  • Quickly review and assess work-in-progress (WIP) status

Customer- & project responsible

  • Built in alerts to avoid exceeding client and project budgets.
  • Ensure accurate registration of hours on designated projects and phases
  • Communicate project KPIs to both team members and clients.


  • Keep track of personal KPIs. such as billable hours and utilization rate
  • Minimize non-billable hours
  • Overview of workload vs. budget
  • Improve the business by optimizing your time management.

Insight on your projects, customers and employees

Junu.io is an effortless and sophisticated business analytics platform custom made for consulting companies. With our solution you get:

  • Access to +10 standard reports, tailored to consulting companies
  • Integration to your existing business tools to streamline workflows
  • A plug-and-play platform that is intuitive for all user groups
  • Fast implementation with a fixed price to avoid any surprises

+20 Integrations to your existing business tools.

We help gather all your critical data so you can spend time analyzing and optimizing to make valuable business decisions.

  • Data connections to most popular enterprise platforms.
  • We adjust the integration to the specific customizations of your source systems.
  • We have a data integration guarantee, meaning: If we don’t have the integration to your specific system, we’ll make it.
  • Live data at a frequency of your choice.


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