"We now have daily updates of both data, and key figures and analysis customized to our needs, and the different parameters we manage our company according to. We did not have access to that previously."

Geir Taule Dotzler, CFO at Arntzen de Besche


Arntzen de Besche has in recent years, been on a digitalization journey, which has involved both the way they work with their clients and the way they work internally. They needed to modernize their ERP system and also the different systems and integrations linked to this. Their existing ERP system lacked satisfactory analysis and reporting capabilities made specifically for their company. Among other things, Arntzen de Besche needed to:

  • Modernize their existing ERP system and the systems and integrations linked to this
  • Merge historical data (from the old ERP) with new production data (from the upgraded ERP)
  • Make relevant and real-time data available for the entire organization to support fast and better
    day-to-day decision making


To integrate and consolidate data from Arntzen de Besche’s new ERP (an updated version of Deltek Maconomy) Junu’s standard integrations and Data Warehouse was chosen to ensure an enterprise-level and future-proof Data Platform. With base in Junu’s standard reporting package for Law Firms, Junu and Arntzen de Besche customized the reporting packages to the exact needs of Arntzen de Besche’s users. By doing so, it was possible to ensure that the different user groups had access to reports specifical designed to support their daily decision-making.

The Junu solution for Arntzen de Besche was developed simultaneously with the modernization of their ERP system. After go-live, the reports were adjusted as new reporting needs were indicated by the report’s users, who, at this point, primarily are the group leaders and management in the administration. All technology choices in the project were based on best-of-breed Junu and Microsoft software (taking base in Azure and Power BI). All the tech-related decisions were made in close dialogue and collaboration with the IT and Finance teams from Arntzen de Besche.

All in all Arntzen de Besche went live with a customized and updated data platform solution based on 6 different dashboards supporting all user groups. As a start, Arntzen de Besche has introduced 24 users to their new solution, these counting group leaders and management in the administration. When the implementation is fully completed, the estimated number of users is approximately 200.

"We’ve always received very good attention, and I feel that Junu understand how we think and also manage to bring it to life in the solution. "

Geir Taule Dotzler, CFO at Arntzen de Besche


The results of implementing the Junu solution are, according to Geir Taule Dotzler, CFO at Arntzen de Besche:

  • The Junu solution has given Arntzen de Besche real-time data on their entire business, enabling them to get the information they want at any given time.
  • The Junu solution has given Arntzen de Besche insight into the activity at all levels, from the various departments to the individual employee, and has provided them with key figures used at all levels in the organization.
  • Arntzen de Besche have, with the Junu solution, gained better insight into how they work, both with clients and projects but also within and across the organization.
  • The Junu solution has enabled Arntzen de Besche to work with their productivity in a different way than before due to live data on the level of activity on both employees, departments, and across departments.

“It’s given us a completely new opportunity to allocate resources and make adjustments along the way."

Geir Taule Dotzler, CFO at Arntzen de Besche

Geir Taule Dotzler, CFO

About Arntzen de Besche

Arntzen de Besche is one of Norway’s oldest law firms. They date back to 1870 and have since then had an important role in shaping and following the legal and social developments in Norway. They are today one of Norway’s leading law firms, with 180 employees and offices in Oslo, Stavanger, and Trondheim.


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