"With Junu we get live financial information across all of our offices,
which helps us monitor the business and make the right decisions."

Christopher Siljan, CFO at Wikborg Rein


Wikborg Rein is on an ongoing digitalization journey to support their position as one of the leading Norwegian Law Firms. In this connection, they needed to replace their existing ERP, time registration, and HR systems. A huge project that caused a range of data-related challenges if they wanted to keep and improve their ability to make fast and better data-driven decisions. Among other things, Wikborg Rein needed to:

  • Consolidate all critical business information from multiple systems into one single data platform
  • Merge historical data (from the old ERP, Time Registration, and HR systems) with new production data 
    (from the new systems)
  • Make relevant data available for the entire organization to support day-to-day decision making


To integrate and consolidate data from Wikborg Rein’s new ERP and HR systems (Deltek Maconomy and 4Human) Junu’s standard integrations and Data Warehouse was chosen to ensure an enterprise-level and future-proof Data Platform. With base in Junu’s standard reporting package for Law Firms, Junu and Wikborg Rein conducted a range of Workshops to customize the reporting packages to the exact needs of Wikborg Reins users. By doing so, it was possible to ensure that the different user groups had access to reports specifically designed to support their daily decision-making.

The Junu solution was developed simultaneously with the implementation of the new ERP & HR systems, making sure that data and reports were available as the new systems went live. After go-live, the reports were adjusted as new reporting needs were indicated by the report’s users. All technology choices in the project were based on best-of-breed Junu and Microsoft software (taking base in Azure and Power BI). All tech decisions were made in close dialogue with the dedicated IT Team from Wikborg Rein.

All in all, Wikborg Rein went live with a top-modern data platform solution based on 7 different dashboards supporting all user groups and with more than 400 business users.

"The company and the people we met were professional and service minded,
but most importantly they understood our business."

Steffen Wefring, Head of Finance & Controlling at Wikborg Rein


As direct results of implementing the Junu solution, Steffen Weffring, Head of Finance & Compliance at Wikborg Rein, states the following:

  • The Junu solution has given Wikborg Rein data in real-time on their entire business, enabling them to get the information they want at any given time.
  • Wikborg Rein has gained better insight into key areas of the business. With insights from their Junu Portal, they can identify potential risks, which makes it possible for them to be proactive in acting on their data, and avoid unwanted events.
  • The solution has made many of Wikborg Rein’s manual processes redundant, enabling them to spend time on other value-adding tasks and processes.
  • The Junu solution makes it possible for Wikborg Rein to be more efficient in allocating resources in terms of resource capacity and to focus on the areas that are most beneficial for their business.
  • The solution provides more data than Wikborg Rein had before, and the security model in the solution has made it possible to provide data to all parts of the organization.

“Junu is an excellent tool to get better insight in our business than we had before."

Steffen Wefring, Head of Finance & Controlling at Wikborg Rein


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