Frequently Asked Questions

Your data will be stored in data centers in Western- or Northern Europe. However, if this isn’t working for you, we’ll find a solution that match your needs for data storage.

The timeframe for implementing your Solution is 5 workdays. However, this might vary depending on the customized add ons you choose for your solution.

All our solutions are subscription based with no starting fee.

This means, that you’ll get charged a basis fee for your solution where you afterwards will get charged depending on the customized add ons you choose for your solution.

At we have an obligation to protect the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of our customers’, suppliers’, partners’ and employees’ data, including personal data. For more information please see our terms and condition here.

If you don’t see your ERP system on our integration list, feel free to contact us and our developers will find a way to make it happen!

At we are 100% dedicated to deliver second-to-none
Data and Reporting solutions to ambitious companies and organizations


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