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The modern law firms digitalization journey

Our Network is for you who work with Finance, Digitalization, Data and Business Development and who wants to become even better at using your data to make faster and more efficient decisions during the daily operation og thereby develop your organization. The Network is made with the goal of creating a space for employees in data ambitious law firms, where we at can help and inspire you on your digitalization- and data maturity journey through events with exciting key note speakers. Furthermore, you’ll become a part of a network who   work towards the same goals within Data and Digitalization as you and your organization.

At we aim to make insight simple and believe that you must give the right data to the right people at the right time. By doing that you are able to make faster and more efficient decisions, and you’ll soon experience that employees with the right insights are performing better.


Oslo, Norway:

The Modern law firm

The first event will be held in Oslo, where we’re gathering the most data ambitious law firms in Norway. As key note speakers we’ve invited Deltek, Wikborg Rein, Poul Schmidt Kammeradvokaten & AdeB to come and present their view on the topic “The Modern law firm”.


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