LEX247 is a full feature software that enables lawyers streamline and automate tasks. Utilizing the software creates an internal division of labor, allocating users more resources to concentrate on their clients and projects. LEX247 is a cloud-hosted platform that allows the user to access the platform irrespective of location or device. It therefore offers the ultimate overview of your schedule, cases, and invoices. Learn more about LEX247 on their website.

How Junu.io integrate with LEX247

Get live access to your data from LEX247 with Junu.io. When data is being updated in LEX247 it will automatically be updated in all your Junu.io reports. Your integrated data from LEX247 covers clients and projects insights, which gives you the perfect business tool to automate and streamline your activities.

Company Insight

Most used LEX247 KPIs

Time registration KPIs

Registered hours

Non-billable hours

Absence hours

Gross margin

Billable hours

Internal hours

Production amount

Invoiced amount

Invoiced hours

Non-posted hours

Hourly rate

Utilization KPIs

Available hours

Utilization rate

Billing rate (%)

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