Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a business management solution that helps you manage your business. Business Central automates and streamlines business processes. With Business Central it’s possible to manage your business, including finance, manufacturing, sales, project management, services, etc. Besides being an end-to-end tool, Business Central is also very adaptable and flexible and can be customized to the different business needs you may have with the many features included in the system. Learn more about Business Central on their website.

How integrate with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Get live access to your data from Microsoft Dynamics 365  Business Central with When data is being updated in Business Central it will automatically be updated in all of your reports. Your integrated data from Business central will cover financial, sales and inventory insights and give you the    data needed for manufacturing and project management.

Financial Insight

Most used Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central KPIs

Financial KPIs

P/L amount

Balance amount

Accounts receivables amount

AP amount

Cash Inflow

Cash outflow

Cash on hand

AR days overdue

AR overdue amount

AR Overdue Amount (> 30 days) 



Sales KPIs

Sales amount

Gross profit

Sales QTY

Gross margin

Budget amount


Inventory KPIs

Inventory QTY

Sell-through rate

Inventory amount

Backorder rate



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