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Insight on your Products, Customers and Inventory

Junu.io is a simple & sophisticated insights solution custom made to measure sales and inventory performance. With our solution you get:

  • Standard Reports on Sales, Inventory, Gross Margin, etc. Build from Best Practices in your industry
  • Integrations to Deltek Maconomy, Dynamics Business Central, Workbook, Navision, Timelog + a range of other systems
  • A Plug’n’Play Insight solution that are easy to use for all user groups (Management, FInance, Sales, Supply Chain, Product, etc.)
  • Fast implementation and a fixed price (no surprises)

Insight for every role in your organization

We believe that every role in an organization has different insight needs. Junu.io make sure to get the right data to the right people at the right time to support the right decisions.


  • Live performance of KPIs vs. budget
  • Identify problematic markets, customers or products
  • Address issues in a timely manner
  • Access your reports in less than 5 seconds from your phone


  • Improve and automate your weekly & monthly reporting flow
  • Control revenue, product prices, invoiced amounts and Account Receivables
  • Easily support management with ad-hoc reporting

Sales/Account Managers

  • Get real-time updates on the go
  • Visualize your most important sales KPIs
  • Check inventory on relevant products
  • Easily report sales performance to team and management

Supply Chain

  • Maintian the right amount of inventory
  • Handle complexity management with the extensive GM calculations
  • Detect potential inventory shortage in a timely manner
  • Help improving the business by optimizing inventory levels



Real-Time Reporting

Get instant reporting on your Time Production, Finance and HR in one single user interface

Industry Best Practice

Use one of our many best practice reports for Law Firms and customize it to match your exact needs

Plug 'n' Play

Have an entire Enterprise Level Data & Analytics setup in weeks

Multiple Sources

Integrate multiple data sources in one single reporting package

Strong Technology

Build on state-of-the-art Microsoft Technology, utilizing your Office 365 and Microsoft's market leading data and reporting platforms

Configure & Customize

Customize the solution to match the specific KPIs, processes and roles in your company


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Email:       info@junu.io

Phone:      +45 23 37 13 07

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