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Optimize your revenue by increasing the number of registered hours.​

Lacking time registration is a common theme in the Professional Service Industry. In this video, we show an example of an employee who has failed to register 39 hours and the massive impact this has on revenue. With the Junu Platform, both managers and employees are constantly able to keep track of such events and correct them on time.

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Avoid work overload and improve turnover
and engagement.

In recent years, skilled workers seek corporate cultures that align with their personal standards. With the Junu Platform, managers can gain insights into key human-centric data and implement sustainable leadership practices.

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Optimize your revenue by identifying and correcting an employees hourly rate.

For PSOs, selling hours is the core profit maker. As a result, the hourly rate is a key indicator of revenue. For employees in operational and financial functions, controlling the hourly rate and keeping it at an optimal level is a prerequisite for the business’ prosperity. Using the Junu Portal, you are equipped with the necessary tool to achieve just that.


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