Xledger is an ERP system that gives you control of your finance, project and Business information system within your business. Furthermore, Xledger is a fully integrated and comprehensive solution with no need for additional plug-ins, timesheets, etc.
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How Junu.io integrate with Xledger

Junu.io connects with your data from your Xledger system which means, that whenever your data is being updated you get access to your real-time data in your Junu.io reports. Your integrated data from Xledger covers finance, project and Business Information.

Hour Report

Financial Insight

Company Insight

Most used Xledger KPIs

Time registration KPIs

Registered hours

Non-billable hours

Absence hours

Gross margin

Billable hours

Internal hours

Production amount

Invoiced amount

Invoiced hours

Non-posted hours

Hourly rate

Write off

Financial KPIs

P/L amount

Balance amount

Accounts receivables amount

AP amount

Cash Inflow

Cash outflow

Cash on hand

AR days overdue

AR overdue amount

AR Overdue Amount (> 30 days) 



Utilization KPIs

Available hours

Utilization rate

Billing rate (%)

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